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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Welcoming Hero Jr to The World

Welcome to the world my little hero...I thank you Lord for the most precious gift from you..Lord, let your grace and love fall on him like gentle breezes and give him inner strength and peace and patience for the journey ahead.

Name : Andreas Harold Ak Sulong
D.O.B : 11 April 2014
Weight : 3.6 kg

Friday, November 2, 2012

Daddy Betday...

Happy birthday to Daddy aka My Lovely Husband.. Sweets 36 neh... 

First Sacrament - Baptism

Sempat mummy & bb Audrey join urang Baptis...

Besai mai tag nama...

Abang Lilo pan ngau neman kan mummy & bb

                                     One of Seven Sacraments of the christian church - First Sacrament

Baby Audrey 1 Month little princess 1month sudah!!! Cute kan pakai skirt kekkeke.. gift from aunty AiE ia... Weight ia 1 month udah 4.4kg.. berlapis-lapis layer ba pah.. Breastfeeding mix susu botol (30z) 2hours selang, kuyu pan nyuh segalo-galo.  Love you Audrey!!!!

Welcoming Baby Audrey Hazel Nala

Taaaanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... welcome to the world my princess...

Name : Audrey Hazel Nala Ak Sulong
Date : 24 September 2012
Time : 0621 am
Weight : 3.33kg